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HR System Selection and Implementation Part II: Needs and Desires

4 Oct

This is the second part of a a two part post on HR Systems: Needs and Desires. The first post is here

Integration: I can’t help but laugh when I hear what peoples expectations are for integration. I think the hope is that somehow you will click a button and trigger an endless number of actions and events that will mean you never have to do anything again. The Rube Goldberg machine of HR. Somehow with the push of a button, employees will be on boarded, added to payroll, signed up for benefits, given the resources they need, trained, have their performance measured and all of their data will come flowing back to HR in a neat little dashboard. Automagically.
Easy Implementation: Implementation is one of the biggest issues HR software vendors are currently dealing with. Many vendors do not even do their own implementations, you need to work with an external consultant to help design and implement the system. I am not sure why HR vendors have not figured this out yet, but it is a huge frustration to a client when you are getting near the signing point only to learn that implementation is going to take 3-4 months at a minimum, you are going to have to pay a consultant an exorbitant amount of money (anywhere from $20K to $100K+ depending on the system and size of your organization) and dedicate a significant amount of internal resources and time. Even more frustrating when the estimates are off and all of the above items are double.
Low Cost: Proposals I have recently seen for HR software comes with all kinds of interesting additional costs and line items. There might be an implementation cost, per user license cost, admin license cost, maintenance fees, customer service fees, fees to make changes to the system, fees to cancel and the list goes on. HR professionals don’t want to see proposals with a number of costs, it’s hard to bring that to your CFO. They want to see all the costs bundled into one low price, the real low price the first time.

Over the next few weeks I will take a deeper dive into all of these areas. Any and all feedback is appreciated.