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How to Really Use Social Networks to Promote Your Business

3 Aug

Let me start with the end result and work backwards.

The goal of your social network is not to allow others within your network to find out about your business or opportunity. It is to promote the opportunity to those not in your network, but who are in their network.

Let me explain.

Let’s face it, your no Coke or The_Real_Shaq. You don’t have millions of followers and you never will. Maybe you have a couple of hundred. And most of them know enough about you and your business that they don’t need to follow you on Facebook or Twitter to really learn what’s going on with you. So your goal on Facebook or Twitter is not to promote your opportunity to them, it’s to get them to promote your opportunity to their followers and friends. The people you are not connected to.

Think of it as a simple numbers game. We’ll use 50 followers or friends as a base. You can get your message out to your 50 friends or followers. If you can get just 10% to retweet or share you are now reaching 250 people you may not even know. That’s social networking.

The question is, how do you get others to share or retweet? The best way is through reciprocity. Social networks are all about having a mutually beneficial, reciprocal relationship. I heard an HR pro call this “networthing”. Make sure that your followers understand that you are willing to do the same for them if need be. Show others how you think about the relationship by retweeting and sharing when it benefits them.

So the measure of success in a social networking campaign is not “How many people do I reach directly?” but, “How many retweets and shares did I get?”. Want to have the biggest impact on your social networking efforts? Grow your shares and retweets, not your followers and friends.