Blog Post Pet Peeves

11 May

I blog because I need to become a better writer  so that I can eventually write a book worthy of me getting on Oprah, make a ton of money and reach my ultimate dream of just being able to hang out at the gym all day. Therefore, I blog so that I can gym.

I also read a number of blogs to get ideas of what or how I should write. Over time I have come to the realization that there are a number of things that bloggers do that get on my nerves, so I figured I would write about it.

1. Relating some current cultural reference to the point your trying to make just because it will get you noticed.

“Oil Spills and How You Can Improve Employee Morale”

“Why Lady Gaga Would Make a Great CEO”

“Recruiting Techniques and Remaking the Karate Kid”

Let’s face it, almost anything in the world can be related to anything else. We all learned that lesson from 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon and learn it everyday through social networking. Just because they can be related doesn’t mean they should be. If you are just relating the two items because they make a good headline is that really a good relationship? Most of these tend to be forced relationships anyway and you realize halfway through that the author is reaching and has lost you somewhere between “What Obama Could Learn from Iron Man 2” and “Why Congress is Like American Idol”.

2. Linking for no reason whatsoever.

This one really grates on my nerves. I am all for linking if it helps me understand a concept that I may not know or introduces me to something novel, but would I not know what a hamburger was without your clever little link to Wikipedia? Or maybe not know where NY is if not for your sending me to Google Maps?

Link if I need it, not to just add some color to your blog entry.

3. Not having an opinion.

Did you really start a blog to just relate the news? You’re competing with CNN?

Have an opinion! Right or wrong, yes or no. This is your little pedestal, use it!

<feeling better already>


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