Great Customer Service – Own Up

23 Dec

Although I may complain about it from time to time the truth is I am thrilled with my LIRR commute. The trains are generally on time, conductors are nice and aside from the occasional time I get stuck with one of the old trains, it’s a pretty comfortable ride.
Today as I got on to my train I noticed a letter from the LIRR signed by LIRR president Helena Williams. In it, she apologized for delays caused by snow last week and pointed out some of the great work the LIRR did overall through the storm (2 points for employee recognition). She then went on to point out an incident with one train that became stranded. She reviews the details of actions taken by the LIRR and then ends with this “While no injuries were reported among the customers or the crew and all were safely transferred onto another train at Farmingdale under extremely difficult blizzard conditions, we must do better.”
Leadership/Customer Service lesson: When things go wrong own up to it. No reasonable customer expects 100% perfection, but they do expect 100% honesty. Personally, I was not even aware of the stranded train, but I am impressed with the response.


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