Social Media for Recruiting

3 Dec

Let’s face it, job boards are basically useless at this point. I recently read, but can’t find it now, that job boards only account for about 3% of all hires. This SHRM article states that networking and in-house references are the best source of candidates.  The big buzz these days is using social networks for recruiting, but as I look at some of these examples (Twitter and FB posts) I still think recruiters are only scratching the surface of social networking’s real potential.

Recruiters use Twitter to post positions or redirect candidates to their recruiting site. That’s not networking, that’s posting. All you have really done is extended your job board out a little further. It only goes to those currently following you on Twitter. The odds are if they are following you they also know how to find your job board already. You really haven’t extended your reach much.

Here is what recruiters need to do. Send an email to all of your employees with each job opening separately worded for different social mediums. Ask the employees to cut and paste the openings they want to share with their network, using the appropriate message created for the medium they are posting it on. In other words, email out a Tweet that you ask all your employees to post to their Twitter accounts. The same for FB and LinkedIn.  Now your building a network! If 25 employees Tweet the opening and each employee has 100 followers even if only 5% of followers RT but also have 100 followers, you have now hit 500 people, most of whom you don’t know. They key is making it easy for the employee and not asking them to come up with the Tweet or FB posting. This is one HR/Recruiting should spoon feed.

Want to track back which employee was the source of the referral so you can reward them? You could have a numeric code that each employee could attach to their tweets and posts that the candidate is asked to submit with their application. This way you know where the candidate came from.

Bottom line, if your going to use social networking make sure your making the best use of your social network!


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