Top of Mind

18 Nov

Any great sales person will tell you that one of the keys to sales is always being “top of mind”. This refers to a sales person or organization’s ability to be the first one thought of to provide a solution for a client’s challenge.  The goal is to be the first email or call the potential client makes to have the best opportunity to win the client’s business.

This past Halloween one of our sales people took this to a whole new level. He dressed up as Superman and went around to all of his clients dropping off candy. Just a great excuse to stop by and see how business is doing and if they needed us for anything. A great way to stay top of mind.

There is a great lesson to be learned here by training and OD professionals. How do we stay top of mind to our clients? How do we position ourselves to be the first one’s thought of to provide a solution? What can we do while not training or consulting to better understand the business and our client’s needs so that when they have a challenge they see us as a solution. That’s the key to being top of mind.

If you want to be consultative and strategic (I am not sure I know what they mean, but everyone seems to want to be) you need to figure out how to become the go to person or department. When your employees are chasing you down for help you’ll know you’ve made it.


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