So, Did we Ever get a Seat at the Table?

22 Oct

For years the big HR conversation was about HR getting a seat at the table. The goal was for the HR head  to be  considered an equal partner within the executive team. I don’t hear as much chatter about it these days, so what happened? Did HR get the at the table?

Here is my though on it:

I don’t think it ever happened. My litmus test? How many CEO’s do you see that were former heads of HR? To truly have an equal seat at the table means you need an equal say, which means you have enough knowledge to be able to potentially be the CEO. That’s typically the head of sales, CFO and COO. Why not HR? Because HR has never acquired enough knowledge.

HR should be able to produce, sell and support whatever the business sells, if you can do that then you are an equal partner. The only way for HR to be taken seriously is to really understand the business and how it functions. HR continues to fail to provide ROI beyond hiring, retention and employee satisfaction/engagement. When HR starts to show how it contributes to the business success we’ll have made it.

The opportunity is still there, HR needs to be seen as not just a contributor, a knowledgeable asset too.


One Response to “So, Did we Ever get a Seat at the Table?”

  1. ben October 22, 2009 at 2:46 pm #

    they should put more people then into HR who come from the business. HR is one area where the higher-ups are all career HR folks. people can jump from every other function, such as finance, into the exec seats, because they understand the business. HR needs to either roll up sleeves and feel the operational pain or start bringing in people from the business..

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