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Best Advice

19 Aug

BNET sent me this link to an article by Steve Tobak on the best advice he’s gotten and how he remembers them so distinctly.

Got me thinking about some of the best advice I have received and how I remember them.

  1. “Your not doing a very good job” – My very first boss. He was right, I wasn’t working very hard and didn’t realize how that manifested itself. Needless to say that’s the last time I ever heard those words. Probably the single most important feedback I ever received.
  2. “We call that job security” – my former boss Debbie Josephs said that one on a call one day in response to a coworker stating how busy they were. I never complain if I am busy.
  3. “Don’t rehearse worry” – Another Debbieism. Takes a lot of the stress out. Work hard and do your best, that’s all you can do.
  4. “Be sincere” – Advice on the most important management skill I could have by a long time mentor of mine Brian Kane. He gave it to me when I first became  a manager. Applies to so many siutatuions.
  5. “Go directly for your terminal degree” – advice about education from a psychology professor. I don’t remember his name or anything else he said that semester, but it made so much sense. Education is great, but go straight for the degree that will help you get a job first.

I hope to remember some more and post them.


Top 50 Best and Small Companies in the US

11 Aug

Saw this on SHRM
Best Small Companies to work for

Some of the criteria used to assess:

  • Succession Planning Programs
  • Employees Paid for Volunteer time
  • Health Care Premiums Paid
  • Employee Referral Bonus

I dont get that. My company is a great company to work for because they pay me to volunteer? I get a bonus for referrals?

What about:

  • I find my work meaningful
  • I understand the company strategy
  • I have room for advancement

Since when did criteria for a great company become that they pay you to volunteer? Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s very nice, just not mission critical.