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NPS: Net Promoter Score

29 Apr

I’ve been focusing a lot of my attention lately on customer service excellence and researching ways to be come a great service organization. At an organizational level there are 3 steps to this process (well, there are a lot more, but here are 3 general steps):

  1. Identify areas for improvement. Accomplished by asking your clients. Accomplished through a survey.
  2. Create and Implement Action Items
  3. Evaluate Results

A common question asked on a survey might be, “On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate our organization overall?” or “On a scale of 1-10 how likely are you to refer us to a colleague?”. The responses might be insightful, but the bottom line questions are: What do they mean and what can I do about them?

My boss turned me onto something called the Net Promoter Score which “buckets” the responses to questions like this and identifies for you what they mean. Rather then try to explain it I’ll just point you to the site

Personally, I happened to find amazing correlations between the NPS and retention numbers. It really gives you some concrete data and action items or next steps based on what the responses really mean.

Customer Sat + Data = Huge Step in the Right Direction


Sustaining Individual Performance

24 Apr

Thought I had on the LIRR today. I do some of my best thinking on the LIRR. It might not make any sense but that’s wh I am posting it on my blog and not someone else’s.

This is about sustaining your performance over a period of time. Let’s face it most of us do pretty much the same job week in week out and even if you love what you do (ed note: I am currently in year 9 of loving what I do) it’s hard to differentiate your work/success every week.

Several months ago I had the opportunity to discuss sustaining long term perfromance with some members of Blue Man Group. Some members perform the same exact show 6+ times per week all year round! I asked them how they measure their performance per show? They actually had a hard time coming up with a metric. Maybe I’ll save the details for another post, but the outcome was that most individuals don’t measure their performance regularly.

At the end of every week give yourself a grade. It could be ABCD, 1-5 or 1-10, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that you give yourself the grade weekly. Under the grade create 4-5 bullet points as to why you deserve that grade. Highlight areas that you feel you did well or areas that you could have done better. Under those 4-5 bullets create 2-3 bullets that highlight what you will do next week to either a) improve your performance or b)sustain your performance level. Do this week after week. Over time you will have developed a map to what it takes for you to perform at a high level week after week.

I think this could potentially a great way to quantify your own performance and identify the elements that could lead to sustained high level performance.

My First Blog Quote

20 Apr

And then a miracle happens…

6 Apr


This has always been one of my favorite cartoons. You know when your sitting in a meeting and somone presents a problem and then somehow in the middle of the solution “a miracle happens”? I have been in way to many meetings lately where this leap of logic happens.

When in doubt go to DDL (data doesn’t lie).